Matteo Belvederesi Full Stack Developer

UI/UX, Full Stack Developer. Matteo Belvederesi Professional Portofolio. Websites, Ecommerce, Communities, Server Administration. Professional in the Information Technologies area. Sviluppo siti web e piattaforme 2.0, amministrazione server.


  • Skill level:
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
  • PHP
  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • jQuery
  • Bash scripting
  • Python
  • .NET
  • Wordpress
  • Prestashop
  • Git + Github, Codepen, Stackoverflow
  • Libre Office Suite
  • Gimp
  • Imagemagick
  • User Experience




Born and raised in Civitanova Marche, Italy, 1985.
Since my childhood, electronics were easy understanding to me.

My family bought me my first pc around 1994/5, it was an IBM DOS based 486 with Windows 3.1 installed.

During the adolescence, soccer, girls, Linux and electronic softwares for make music got all my interest, but at the same time i was uncertain and rebel, so i failed in several schools and i worked on and off in minor and different jobs and not in the I.T. sector.

Around 23 years old i was working on my family business (construction business), i was unsatisfied and spending all the free time on my pc, trying to make music or trying to running Linux.... so i tried to end up my last 3 school years left too.

I attended on the normal morning course and in 2011 i earned my Diploma in I.T. .

Summer of 2011, i worked for a local shipyard on their website.

During that winter i decided to spend a year in Australia, where i learned english, found several jobs (not concerning IT) and also i made a program in as freelance.

Then i came back to Italy at the end of 2012 and i started my own business as freelancer web developer.

Nowadays i've got several clients but also i'm still looking to improve my experience in this field, searching for new challenges and projects!